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Colonna's Pizza is a Colorado family-owned local business that believes in supporting our community with delicious food and fundraising activities. 

Our fundraising program is designed to maximize your fundraising efforts, while minimizing any unnecessary costs of promoting your fundraising event. FUNdraising at Colonna's is fun, super easy, and supports the community.


Scheduling Your Event

1. Contact Ralph, call the store (303) 840-5444
2. Schedule the date of your event.
3. Drop off a copy of your non-profit tax-id.

How Much Does Your Organization Get?

The fundraising organization receives a percentage of the GROSS SALES during the specified time period.
10% <$1,000
15% >$1,000
Example, your fundraising event is Tuesday from 4p-8p. Gross sales between 4p and 8p are $1,600. Your school or organization would receive 15% of $1,600 or $240.
A check will be available the next day after your fundraising event.

Thank you for considering Colonna's to host your next fundraising event and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

-Colonna's Pizza

(303) 840-5444



Sunday 11a - 9p
Monday 11a - 9p
Tuesday 11a - 9p
Wednesday 11a - 9p
Thursday 11a - 9p
Friday 11a - 9p
Saturday 11a - 9p


Colonna's Pizza
11215 S. Parker Rd
Parker CO 80134
(303) 840-5444
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