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Established in 1977, Colonna's first store opened in Canarsie, Brooklyn, with several more locations opening on the East Coast. Ralph and his mother, Mary, built Colonna's on their dedication to using quality ingredients and serving delicious food at fair prices.  This same commitment to producing delicious food using the finest quality ingredients at a good value still holds true today.

Ralph fell in love with Colorado after visiting Boulder in 1982 with his friend Big Pete, a U.S. Marine Corp.  After that, Ralph dreamed of moving to Colorado and opening a Colonna's.  This dream became reality in April 2012 with the opening of Colonna's Pizza in Parker CO, including Big Pete.

In addition to serving delicious food, Colonna's was also founded on a treating customers like family.  Everyone is welcome to sit, eat, share stories, and enjoy life.

Colonna's is a local Colorado family owned business that believes in building a positive,
progressive organization that supports the community through charity and good works.

Thank you.  Enjoy and mangia!

Ralph C.


Sunday 11a - 9p
Monday 11a - 9p
Tuesday 11a - 9p
Wednesday 11a - 9p
Thursday 11a - 9p
Friday 11a - 9p
Saturday 11a - 9p


Colonna's Pizza
11215 S. Parker Rd
Parker CO 80134
(303) 840-5444
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